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SETTING THE STANDARD Producing when called upon is the benchmark of our success.
who we are


With over 100 years of combined experience, and a proven track record of success, our team is committed to the setting the standard of excellence in each project we undertake.

David A. Williams, P.S.M., R.P.L.S.


Justin O. Brantley, P.S.M.

Vice President and Director of Field Operations
who we are


Frank L. Biggs, Jr., P.S.M.

Sr. Vice President and Director Emeritus

E. Vernon Horne, P.S.M.

Sr. Vice President and Director of Estimating and Safety

Gary A. Rager, P.S.M.

Vice President & Director of East Florida Operations
Judd French

Judd French, P.S.M.

Director of Central Florida Operations

Joseph G. Rager, P.S.M.

Director of North Florida Operations

Mike Wolf

Director of Subsurface Utility Engineering
who we are

Project Managers

John D. Weigle, P.S.M.

Charlie Arnett, P.S.M.

Rob Osteen

Luis Ortiz, P.S.M.

Jack M. Greene, P.S.M.

David Maxwell

David Maxwell, P.S.M., P.L.S.

Joel Laborde

Joel Laborde, P.S.M., P.L.S.

Request a new survey or one from the archive. With over 70 years of historical survey data, GeoPoint's Survey Archive is the most comprehensive collection in Florida.