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What We Do

Land Development Services

Commercial and residential land development is the cornerstone of our business and our performance is on point. In fact, we love getting in the dirt and helping raise up the next building, community, or point of interest. With leading-edge technology, and specialized crews, we’ll exceed your expectations at every level of land development from boundary surveys, to platting and construction staking.

What We Do

Construction Support Services

With the engineer or architect’s plan in hand, we hit the ground running. We utilize the best technology and equipment to stake out the position of roads, utilities, drainage, buildings, and other land development plans. Our highly specialized crews are on point and continue to raise the standard of service when called upon. Therefore we deliver on project deadlines, exceed expectations and meet the demands of a fast-paced industry.

What We Do

Remote Sensing/LiDAR

Just when we thought surveying couldn’t get any cooler, we posted job openings for “pilots.” Altogether, with a cadre of the latest technology in UAS photogrammetry, top of the line LiDAR scanning systems and industry standard software, our team of FAA certified pilots developed our remote sensing services department into a leader in our industry. No matter the topography or obstacles on the ground, our advanced hyperspectral imaging systems will deliver high resolution scans quickly, with clarity and accuracy that are on point.

What We Do

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Knowing what’s below is essential to every land development or improvement, and we’ve invested in a forward-thinking subsurface utility exploration team with a full toolbox of technology and capabilities to make us the best in our field. Whether we’re using air and hydro vacuum excavating, electromagnetic locating, ground penetrating radar, asset mapping or foundation/structure clearing, you can be certain that the project you’re about to build out is on point.

What We Do

Hydrographic Surveys

While most survey companies stick with dry land, we’ve never been afraid of getting a little wet. Our hydrographic survey crews are experts at providing cross sections, spot elevations and seamless topographic models. We utilize specialized remote sensing sonar technologies in everything from residential retaining ponds to the open ocean. Our customized hydrographic deliverables are the missing piece to get your next project on point.

What We Do

Geographic Information Systems

Once we’ve shaken the dirt off our boots, we’re back in the office helping you optimize your project by using Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) to manage and analyze the data collected by our leading-edge technology and crews of skilled technicians. Our clients use the delivered G.I.S. assets to reduce capital costs, provide clarity and advanced visualization tools for meetings, ensure proper risk management and finally get their land development project on point.

What We Do

Geographical Visualization & Interactive Services

To meet the demands of rapid-pace land development projects, our crews survey and process large land areas quickly and precisely. So, we create 3D interactive maps that are accessed remotely and used to measure and manage job sites. These Geographical Visualization and Interactive Services (GeoVIS) include certified, survey-grade assets that can be ordered as a one-time deliverable specifically for purposes of project scale measurement, budget and cost calculations, or as a subscription. Subscriptions allow for continual oversight and management for the duration of a project timeline.


A valued trade partner...

I have had the great pleasure to work with GeoPoint over the past several years. I have come to depend on the level of quality and responsiveness that they provide daily. They are my go to consultant when it comes to all Due Diligence, Platting, Construction Staking, and As-Built Services. I am happy to call them a valued trade partner of PulteGroup.

Jeff Deason, Vice President of Land Planning & Development, Pulte Group

GeoPoint gets it!

GeoPoint Surveying has been an integral part of our residential land development projects throughout Florida for nearly a decade. Their extensive knowledge of land development and construction makes them an invaluable partner. In our line of work, schedules can get hectic and GeoPoint gets it. Whether they are providing due diligence related surveys, subdivision plats, construction staking or as-built services, every project manager, field crew, technician, and staff member is accommodating and provides exceptional work on time."

Jim Harvey, President, Kolter Land

Starts with survey and ends with survey!

"I have used Geopoint surveying for many years. Building a job right starts with survey and ends with survey! Having a reliable, competent, trustworthy surveyor on your team is invaluable. I appreciate GeoPoint's service and look forward to future projects."

Sean O'Connor, Forestar

Always great to have GeoPoint on our team!

"I’ve worked with GeoPoint for years now, and they are always great to have on our team. I’m currently working daily with Justin Brantley and the GeoPoint team on Del Webb BayView, an extremely important project for our division’s success. Their dedication to our partnership and this project is evident in their high level of service, consistent communication, and willingness to respond to any development needs.”

Ray Aponte, PulteGroup, Land Project Manager

Impeccable customer service...

"We hire GeoPoint for the majority of our commercial projects because of their impeccable customer service, their ability to react quickly on aggressive project timelines, and the extensive experience of their survey crew chiefs who have great general knowledge about construction and the building process. The team in their construction support department is known for being able to find problems in engineering designs before it becomes a construction issue, which saves us time and resources. These guys know their stuff and they deliver - that has made GeoPoint a valuable partner in our business."

Josh Smith, Senior Project Manager, Ripa & Associates

A truly awesome team...

“Thank you to Rob Osteen and Bobby Lester of the GeoPoint team from Latitude Margaritaville, a Minto Community. These two gentlemen are always a phone call away and very receptive to last minute askings. Both Bobby and Rob are very professional and willing to provide assistance at a moment’s notice. At the rate of building here in Latitude Margaritaville, this is exactly the kind of representatives we need to keep up with the high demand. A truly awesome team, and I am thankful that they are part of my support team here in Latitude Margaritaville of Daytona Beach.”

Mike James, Assistant Land Development Manager for Latitude Margaritaville, MINTO COMMUNITIES - USA

GeoPoint raises the bar...

"With an unbelievably aggressive construction schedule planned, we knew that GeoPoint was the only survey company we could trust to bring on to our Amazon distribution center project. Their team was able to react quickly on pivotal project timelines and their detail-oriented project managers identified potential engineering issues before they became construction problems. There's no doubt that GeoPoint raises the bar on our expectations on every project."

Josh Smith, Senior Project Manager, Ripa & Associates

Exceptionally talented and experienced surveyors...

"GeoPoint Surveying is a team of exceptionally talented and experienced surveyors, mappers and technicians that understand the necessity of highly accurate data collection and graphical display for use in a wide array of survey applications. The firm continues to evolve with rapidly changing technology and is always on the forefront of the industry. They have managed to do this in a highly competitive business environment, recognizing that price and schedule are important but never sacrificing quality."


They are leaders in their industry...

“I have worked with the founders and numerous staff of Geopoint for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. Their professionalism and knowledge in the surveying industry is unmatched. They are leaders in their industry and I highly recommend using them for all of your survey needs.”

Heather Wertz, Absolute Engineering, Inc.

It has been a pleasure...

"Please know that Jim and I sincerely appreciate your work and commitment to this project. You quickly put together an impressive package! It has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you. What a winning team we have."

Jennifer Keller, The Everly

The job will be right!

“GeoPoint Surveying is the finest, most professional surveying firm in the area. When GeoPoint is on the job, you can rest assured the job will be right.”

David Ford, Absolute Engineering, Inc.

Killing it...

“Just thought you should know the SUE guys appear to be killing it! Fast, polite and easy to understand deliverables. Keep up the good work gents!”

Chris O’Kelley, Clearview Land Design