A Few Words About Us

The GeoPoint Distinction

The origin of GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. can be traced back to as early as 1943, and with nearly 70 years of perfecting production and quality standards, our company is at the forefront of the profession. GeoPoint houses over 100 years of Florida survey records, giving us insight into Florida's story of growth and development, and a clear understanding of its direction in evolution.

Our commitment to client service is paramount. Regardless of the level of complexity of each project, we meet and exceed our client's expectations. Our dedication to provide the best surveying and mapping services is evident in the overwhelming number of return clients that rely on us to carry on past projects and complete new projects.

At the foundation of our company's values is our strong dedication to provide quality professional services. We are attentive to each and every project requirement. Our survey procedures and review standards are proven to ensure quality from project onset to completion.

The GeoPoint Philosophy

Producing when called upon is the hub of our success. Key elements that contribute to our success are:

  • Client Satisfaction: Through attentively listening to our client's needs, we understand that each project may require a unique approach.
  • Unified Strategies: Dedicated individuals at GeoPoint Surveying flourish through a work environment based on close interaction, open communication, and shared goals.
  • Dependable Information: Our loyalty to quality assurance and quality control ensure that GeoPoint surveys serve as reliable sources of surveying and mapping data for our clients and the community.
  • Resolution of Challenges: We continually coordinate with all involved parties to respond to project-specific challenges without hindrance.
  • Community Leaderships: Our staff is actively involved with organizations that shape our built environment and build relationships that extend across an extensive network of professionals, regulatory agencies, and communities.

Our History

On August 24, 2009, E. Vernon Horne, David A. Williams, Jr., Frank L. Biggs, Jr., and Justin O. Brantley, with Buddy Henry as Founding Member, founded GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. Carrying on the convention of the original Heidt Company, GeoPoint Surveying continues the tradition of providing superior surveying and mapping services with integrity and client satisfaction.

In December 2005, William Bahlke and Toxey Hall purchased ownership of Heidt & Associates. After the unexpected and long-lasting economic downturn, Heidt closed its doors, and several companies formed to provide targeted specific services.

By 1980, Bob Heidt sought a less active role in the company. Andrews, Henry, and James B. Lucas, Senior Vice President acquired his stock; Heidt was elected to Chairman of the Board. For years the firm experienced unprecedented growth, all the while maintaining its high stature as one of the leading surveying and engineering firms in the State of Florida.

To help with overwhelming growth and demand, Buddy Henry and Art Andrews hired Walter Caldwell in 1977 as Chief Surveyor. At Heidt & Associates, Walter's integrity and knowledge of surveying gave him an expert status in the community. He was a mentor in the profession and was often looked to for answers. Walter founded the principals from which GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. maps its business practice around.

In 1972, Art Andrews, who currently holds an affiliate position at GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. as Senior Advisor, who then was County Engineer for Hillsborough County, joined Heidt & Associates as its Executive Vice President, and the firm embarked upon a period of unparalleled growth.

Upon Burney's retirement the firm became a corporation with Bob Heidt firmly in control. That same year, E.T. "Buddy" Henry, who now is one of the Founding Members of GeoPoint Surveying, Inc., joined Heidt-Burney as secretary-treasurer and head of surveying. Two years later, the firm adopted its former and most well-known corporation name of Heidt & Associates, Inc.

Merrin formed a partnership with brother Joe Merrin and Alan Pimm, both former Hillsborough County Engineers. Merrin-Pimm played a huge part in Tampa's early growth, spurring on the completion of large-scale projects, including the survey of Tampa International Airport and a route survey of the Intracostal Waterway from Tarpon Springs to Fort Myers, which led to the firm acquiring the services of James A. Burney. In the late 40's Alan Pimm left the firm to start a private practice, and once again the company was known as Merrin Engineering Company.

GeoPoint can trace its origin to 1943 to a makeshift office out of the garage of the Tampa residence of Richard "Dick" Merrin of Merrin Engineering Company. Tampa saw an influx of military personnel being stationed at MacDill AFB and Drew Field during WW II.

Setting the Standard

Quality Assurance

Our team is committed to the success of each project. We understand that to achieve all goals a proven QA/QC program must be implemented. To that end, each member of the GeoPoint Team works together to continually improve our QA/QC Program for each project.

Our QA/QC program involves multiple checks and balances at defined stages of production. One implementation factor that is key to the overall success of this program is an "Inter-Peer Review" process, which allows for an independent review of surveying and mapping products by professionals at GeoPoint who are not directly associated with the project.

Some key elements that attribute to our success in the quality of surveying and mapping production are:

  • Professional Development and Continuing Education: Our professionals stay informed with regulation and rule changes that affect the survey industry. To help further each GeoPoint employee's professional development, GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. hosts regular educational sessions to teach standards and procedures that directly relate to the quality of the product being produced.
  • Project Reviews & Checks: Our experienced staff reviews and checks each stage of the surveying & mapping process for each project - from field data collection to final submittal. Review platforms for technical and deliverable aspects ensure accuracy and quality are met on all levels of production. Our rigorous QA/QC program utilizes various stages of checklists and tracking to determine concurrence.
  • Coordination: We believe that project success is embedded in the project understanding. Therefore, we apply an exemplary communication plan to clearly coordinate the details of each project to the entire project team. We maintain open communication lines with our clients throughout the project life to ensure that the project goals and objectives are successfully met.
  • Client Standards: GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. offers the flexibility to adapt to client standards that may be required for certain projects.

Our team's business practices are firmly wrapped around the goal of achieving a Zero Incident work environment. Safety is a major component to the production standards to which we are bound. Our team makes every reasonable effort to provide a safe work environment and to control recognizable hazards that our employees may encounter. All employees have a responsibility to promote safety in the workplace.

At the management level, supervisors with direct responsibility for work environments are responsible for ensuring their employees' freedom from hazards. Ultimately, the individual worker must assume personal responsibility for ensuring workplace safety for themselves and fellow employees.

All team members are required to participate in safety meetings and notify their supervisors of any unsafe conditions that exist or have the potential to exist. The GeoPoint Team's safety philosophy includes the following guiding principles:

  • All injuries can be prevented
  • Management is responsible for preventing injuries
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • All surveying operations can be safeguarded
  • Safety training is essential for a successful practice
  • A Zero Incident work environment is achievable

GeoPoint's President, E. Vernon Horne, PSM is certified by OSHA through outreach training courses and testing aimed at the construction industry.

The GeoPoint Philosophy

Producing when called upon is the benchmark of our success.

Through attentively listening to our client's needs, we understand that each project may require a unique approach. We're dedicated to close interaction, open communication, and shared goals. Our loyalty to quality assurance and quality control ensure that GeoPoint surveys serve as reliable sources of surveying and mapping data for our clients and the community.

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